BB King and the BB King Blues Band
18 November 2008
Selena Auditorium, Corpus Christi, TX
Row AA (20th row), Right Center, Seat 11

Recorded using Zoom H2 (Internal Rear Stereo Mics at 44.1 kHz, 16 bit)

Zoom H2 > wav files > Sony Soundforge 8.0 > Traders Little Helper > flac

Sony Soundforge was used to split the large wav file into tracks and to fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end. TLH was used to correct sector boundary errors and to convert to flac.

I started the recording about 10 seconds after the BB King Band began their first song. Also, I had the gain set too high on the H2 (recording volume of 125) at the beginning of the show and I reduced it to 100 after about 4 minutes. There was some signficant clipping during the first 4 minutes of the first track, so I used Soundforge to reduce the volume of the first 4 minutes. It is now approximately the same volume as the rest of the program. No other processing of the source data was performed.

This show will fit on one 80 minute CD if you cut some of the banter (I cut tracks 14, 17 and 19).

1. BB King Blues Band Song 1 7:08
2. BB King Blues Band Song 2 2:32
3. Banter - Introducing BB King 1:58
4. BB King Instrumental 0:58
5. Banter - Good Evening 3:20
6. Everyday I have the Blues 6:00
7. Banter - Band Introductions 7:55
8. Need Your Love So Bad 3:38
9. Key to the Highway 4:26
10. Darling You Know I Love You 6:21
11. Banter - More Band Introductions 2:53
12. One Kind Favor 5:11
13. When Love Comes to Town 3:55
14. Banter - Still More Band Introductions 2:27
15. I Got a Mind to Give Up Living 3:33
16. Instrumental Blues 2:56
17. Banter - Ladies - "You Are my Sunshine" 16:53
18. Just Because I'm Over 50 3:06
19. Banter - Men 4:04
20. Rock Me Baby 1:43
21. The Thrill is Gone 6:17
22. Someone Really Loves You > When the Saints 3:17
23. Thank You BB King (Outtro) 2:03

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