BB King
Constitution Hall
Washington DC

Source: Audience
Length: 100 min
Lineage: Zoom H4 (44.1khz 16 bit)->usb 2.0->CD Wave Editor->Flac->you
Seat: Section Q Row F Seat 4 $65.00 + that damned service charge

Had some problems splitting the tracks here cuz I'm not that familiar with his stuff and he talked more than he performed.

Set List:
Need some help here!!!


Recorded by Blah33?. Sound is very nice. Before anyone starts bitching, NO SOUND SAMPLES, NO ARTWORK!!! If you wanna make
artwork, have at it. I'm a busy guy so I don't have time for samples. If I get too much shit I'm gonna stop uploading.
Seriously people, you get shit for free, dont bitch.

Opener Buddy Guy is here:

Convert to MP3 all you want and post wherever the fuck you want. JUST DONT SELL THIS SHIT!!!!

Apparently my isp hates me cuz I am getting continuously knocked offline in the evening from 6pm til 8pm so be patient during
these times.

Also, if anyone has Nine Inch Nails 11/05/08 Charlottesville audio or vid please upload!!!