BB King
Live at the King Biscuit Blues Festival
October 7, 2010
Helena, AR

I call this the King Biscuit Blues Fest (and not the Arkansas Heritage and Blues Fest) as the oringinal KBBF name returns to the festival after a five year hiatus. Whatever legal issues caused this renaming in 2005 were resolved thanks to Wolfgang's Vault CEO Bill Sagan. This is by far the best blues festival in the world and the level of talent and far-flung origins of the attendees testifies to this statement. I mention all of this to say .........

BB King has never played the KBBF (to my knowledge) and his appearance was not the only notable event on this Thursday night. As his band took the stage the festival management announced the return of the KBBF name beginning in 2011 -- quite an announcement that really got the 10,000 or so people cranked for BB. There were also a couple of awards presented to BB as the show began. I have left all of this in this recording more as a historical note than a musical one. I tracked these segments so you can omit them if you wish. Sometimes when making these recordings something seems worthwhile to include and that is the case here.

Regarding the show: Since this is an audience recording I was pleased that the chatter was not too obtrusive. The sound is very good too but the sound guys (Mike Crimm @ Concert Sound Systems) for this fest do a great job every year. BB just had his 85th birthday in September and his age is beginning to take a toll. I have seen him many times over the years and his guitar skills, while still unique, are not as sharp as just a few years ago. The show is still very enjoyable and I keep thinking that this time may be the last time I will see him. I hope not. I also hope you enjoy this show as he is a legend within the blues community and a treaure to us Mississippians. Enjoy!

Lineage: AM1's>CA-ST-20B>NJB3>Audacity(levels)>CDWave(tracking)>FLAC>YOU (No EQ/cutoff)
Location: Just right of soundboard

01 The Biscuit is Back!!
02 Band Intro
03 BB King Intro/Awards Preso
04 BB Talks/ Member & Friends Intros
05 I Need You So
06 Everyday I have the Blues
07 BB Talks Again (Dick Waterman)
08 Rock Me, Baby
09 Keys to the Highway
10 Caledonia
11 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
12 One Kind Favor
13 When Love Comes to Town
14 The Way You Treat Me (???)
15 Just Like a Woman
16 The Thrill Is Gone
17 When the Saints Go Marching In