BB King and Friends
04/15/1968 (Mon)
Generation Club - New York City, NY

Main Source: SBD>??>CDR

Alt. Source: SBD>??>CDR

Remastering: EAC>Steinberg Mastering Edition Enhanced>CDWAV>SHN

Set 1:
CD 1
01. Ad Libbed Impromptu Blues*
02. Kooper's Shuffle*
03. Like A Rolling Stone
04. Jam
CD 2
01. Intro By B.B. King
02. Slow Blues
03. Fast Blues//
04. //It's My Own Fault

*=Jimi not playing on these tracks

Unknown Band Name:
B.B. King (guitar & vocals),
Jimi Hendrix (guitar & vocals),
Elvin Bishop (guitar),
Buzzy Feiten (bass),
Paul Butterfield (harmonica),
Al Kooper (organ)
Philip Wilson (drums),
Stuart ? (piano),
Don Martin (guitar).

Exact date uncertain.

Notes: This copy is probably the most complete copy to date. I came across 2 diffrent recordings of this show. The main source sounded better than the alt. source. Alt. Source for entire tracks of d1t01(Ad Libbed Impromptu Blues) and d1t02(Kooper's Shuffle). From D2t03(Like A Rolling Stone) on the main source was used what was intacked. Alt. source was also used to patch the beginning of d1t03(Like A Rolling Stone) @ 0:04 and the end @ 7:38. D1t04(Jam) there is a ?reel? flip @ 18:18 on both sources, alt. source was used to patch @ 17:53 thru 18:18 which was missing on main source, also alt. source patch @ 24:13. D2t01(Intro By B.B. King) alt. source from 0:00 thru 0:04 ?reel? flip @ 0:55 on both sources. D2t02(Slow Blues) ?reel? flip @ 4:15 on both sources. D2t03(Fast Blues) cuts off with only 3:30 intacked. D2t04(It's My Own Fault) cuts in with no way to tell how much is missing :( Hopefully a better copy surfaces of this one. This show absolutely smokes ;)

Thanks to M. Pujol for the main source Shns

Remastering done by twiley on 09/01/2004.