My BB KING archives vol 4, Montreal, Quebec, 1981 june 14, audio from TV broadcast, master, FLAC

Kingrue gave me the exact date of this recording, thanks.

This audio is from the show originally filmed by Canadian TV and broadcasted in France by RFM TV in the 90's (sat reception at 256 kb).

01 BB King intro and instrumental
02 Let the good times roll / Everyday i have the blues
03 Better not look down
04 When it all comes down
05 Intros, tributes, Three o'clock blues / Sweet little angel / Whole lotta lovin' / Instrumental
06 Nobody loves me but my mother / The thrill is gone
07 All over again / outro

VHS played on a Toshiba D-VR51 deck; zoom H4 for wav; PC; audacity for tracking; FLAC.

Sample in comments.