My BB KING archives vol 5, In Session 1983, guitar clinic with Larry Carlton audio from TV broadcast, master, FLAC

Broadcasted in France by RFM TV in the 90's (sat reception at 256 kb); when this channel was alive, there was a live show
every day.
A very interesting interplay between two great players, recommended by Letsgo if you don't have it yet !

BB KING, LARRY cARLTON and a rythm section.

01 The thrill is gone (in progress: session intro)
02 Players chat
03 Blues in the key of C
04 Hummingbird
05 Jam
06 Players chat
07 Short instrumental
08 Players chat
09 Paying the cost to be the boss
10 Jam
11 The thrill is gone
12 Players chat
13 (a Larry C classic) *
14 Rock me baby
15 Just a matter of time

* Sorry, i don't remember the title at the moment

VHS played on a Toshiba D-VR51 deck; zoom H4 for wav; PC; audacity for tracking; FLAC.

Sample in comments.