BEASTIE BOYS playing live at De Edenhal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on May 21. 1987

Time to reseed some of my old stuff to set my share ratio straight.

The Beastie Boys were performing live together with Run DMC on a double bill for the Deaf Jam Tour.
The Edenhal is an indoor skating hall with terrible acoustics but VPRO Radio recorded and broadcasted it and did a hell of a job !

Here is a part of that concert.

The Beastie Boys were completely stoned out of their minds after a visit to the Bulldog Cafe.

Included in the torrent is a poster of the gig and a copy of a ticket.

Setlist :

01 The New Style
02 Stage Banter
03 She's Crafty
04 Time To Get Ill
05 Rhymin'And Stealin'
06 Posse In Effect
07 Fight For Your Right (To Party)

source : FM > Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave EDITOR > flac

Another one from the box of old tapes !