Adam Carroll
March 12, 2014
Threadgill's (Outside)
Austin, Texas

Jenni Finlay Promotions Day Party at SXSW 2014!
Join Jenni Finlay Promotions on Wednesday, March 12 at the outdoor stage of Threadgill's World Headquarters, from 12 noon -7 pm.
The original JFP Day Party schedule:

12:00 - Owen Temple & Adam Carroll *
12:30 - Matt The Electrician
13:00 - Curtis McMurtry
13:30 - Jon Dee Graham
14:00 - Gurf Morlix
14:30 - Radney Foster
15:00 - Rod Picott
15:30 - Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay
16:00 - James McMurtry Band (45 minute set)

* Adam was had not yet arrived when Owen Temple was on stage, he was squeezed in between Curt McMurtry and Jon Dee Graham.

Joshua recorded the whole party except James McMurtry. He also recorded the Kent Finlay tribute, which started at 5 pm.
Everyting will be shared here in chronological order.

Soundboard [Multitrack]
>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
Taped by Joshua Cain, mixed in Audacity by scdegraaf

Setlist [14:29]
1. Introduction by Jenny Finlay
2. Bernadine
3. I Wrote It For You
4. Banter
5. Little Runaway