Beastie Boys
Fly ID Show
Cal State University Northridge Radio Studio
Los Angeles CA
March 7 1992

FM Radio Broadcast > audio tape > CD-R (my copy) > FLAC (2018)

Beastie Boys Line-Up:

Michael Diamond
Adam Yauch
Adam Horovitz

01. Interview
02. So Whatcha Want (live on the air)
03. Interview

Notes: This recording came from the estate of Robert Cory. For those unfamiliar with Robert Cory (a.k.a. DJ Rob One), he hosted a hip-hop radio show in Los Angeles at CSUN (Cal State University Northridge) called The Fly ID Show.

During the second interview segment (track three) the Beastie Boys are asked about Professor Booty, which was sent out to radio stations as a white label 12" promo single. Professor Booty was actually sent out prior to the release of the first commercially available single Pass the Mic (released on March 24, 1992).

If you listen close, one can hear the DJ mention that he saw the Beastie Boys chilling up in Frisco at the I-Beam. That is a reference to the Beastie Boys February 13, 1992 concert in San Francisco at a club called the I-Beam. The I-Beam performance was a special in that it proceeded the release of Check Your Head and was an all rap set:

01. To All the Girls
02. Shake Your Rump
03. Time To Get Ill
04. So What'cha Want
05. Posse in Effect
06. Hold It Now, Hit It!
07. Car Thief
08. Pass the Mic
09. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
10. Rhymin' and Stealin'
11. The New Style
12. Professor Booty
13. Paul Revere
14. Shadrach

A recording of the I-Beam performance has not surfaced, but I suspect it was recorded.