**Remastered** by thir13en

Beastie Boys
Randy's Rodeo, NJ
City Gardens
Trenton State

In their prime, displaying the intense prowress that was "Check Your Head". They were admittedly going for a stoney album experience, and the show isn't much different. Lots of the groovin', slow-head bobbin' instrumentals are done here, as well as some gritty rap stabs and a few punkers as well (notable is the faithful rendition of Minor Threat's "Stand Up"). The hits ("Pass the Mic", "So Whatcha Want?", "Gratitude") are lively, the banter is oddly tossed around, and the intro is one of the strangest ever given.

The source says DSBD, which for 1992 wouldn't be impossible, but awfully close to improbable, as I find it difficult to believe that either Randy's Rodeo or Trenton State had the cash to outlay on such an expense at the time. Digital boards in '92 easily cost in the 6 figure range and were generally left in the studio. I'm not saying it's totally impossible, but I seriously doubt it. Maybe it was the Beasties board.

Otherwise, it's a very clean soundboard and a damn fine mix. But like many straight SBD's, it needed some work. So I smoothed over the EQ spectrum, comp'd it a bit to get the vocals to blend in better and bring out the music, enhanced a little with the BBE and then L3 maximized. Sounds big, warm, energetic.

01. Ricky Powell's Intro
02. To All The Girls
03. Slow & Low
04. Shake Your Rump
05. Pass The Mic
06. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun>
07. Rhyming & Stealing
08. Time For Livin'
09. Egg Raid On Mojo
10. In 3's (Instrumental)
11. POW
12. Live at PJ's
13. Stand Together
14. Posse In Effect
15. A Year & A Day/Posse In Effect pt 2
16. Jimmy James
17. Sounds of Silence
18. Finger Lickin Good
19. This One's for Todd
20. High Plains Drifter
21. So Whatcha Want?
22. Paul Revere
23. The Maestro
24. Groove Holmes (Instrumental)
25. Something's Got To Give
26 Lighten Up
27. Gratitude
28. Stand Up
29. Time To Get Ill
30. Shadrach


Source: DSBD
Conversion: Sony R500 > Philips CDR870
seeded to STG 1/24/04 by Paxman