Beastie Boys - Roy Wilkins St. Paul, Minnesota November 1st 2008 (Aud) FLAC *corrected*

Split between tracks (15)So What'cha Want & (16)Intergalactic was 10 seconds off.

This corrected version replaces:

Artist: Beastie Boys

Title: Get Out and Vote

Venue: Roy Wilkins - St. Paul, Minnesota USA 2008-11-1 Saturday

3 MCs & 1 Dj:
Michael "Mike D" Diamond
Adam "MCA" Yauch
Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz
Michael "Mix Master Mike" Schwartz

Linage: Audience - Pair Modded WM-61's - 35hz bass roll-off - 1st gen Nano running rockbox3.0 - line in via Dock - wav16-bit 44.1khz.
- Normalize/Fades/Splits with Adobe Audition 3 - Burn/EAC - flac level 8 with TLH - You

Taper: Kingjman

Date of first upload: 2008-11-2


01 Intro
02 Mixmaster Mike
03 The Biz Vs. The Nuge
04 Super Disco Breakin'
05 Flute Loop
06 Shake Your Rump
07 Sure Shot
08 Pass The Mic
09 Ch-Check It Out
10 Root Down
11 Body Movin'
12 No Sleep Till Brooklyn
13 Right Right Now Now
14 Three MC's and 1 DJ
15 So What'cha Want
16 Intergalactic
17 crowd
18 Time For Livin'
19 Gratitude
20 Sabotage

Sold out show. Paid $60 for a floor ticket 1 hour before show.
This recording is RAW, but decent...might need some -eq on vocals, and bass
B-Boys put on a great but short show.
Only recorded Beastie boys.
Make sure you Get Out and Vote!!!

If Anyone wants to make Artwork, feel free.
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