Ben Harper
Live at the Fringe Festival
Bondi Beach
18th Jan 1998

1.Glory & Consequence
2.Break It Down
3.Excuse Me Mister
4.Don't Take That Attitude To The Grave
5.Whipping Boy
6.Ground On Down
7.Burn One Down
8.Jah Work

1.Homeless Child
2.Gold To Me
3.Fight For Your Mind
5.The Will To Live
6.Sexual Healing
7.Voodoo Chile

Since it's coming up to a decade when this show was played, I figured it needed posting.
One of my favorite boots of Ben Harper live in my "stomping ground" of Bondi Beach.
It come from the MASTER DAT that my good friend Andrew taped, and I really think it's
one of the best audience recordings that I have ever heard. See for yourself.

Covers are supplied.