Paw - "Death to Traitors" Demos, early 1995, Lawrence, KS (m0w001)

Time to give back to the community! This tape has been referred to as the "Holy Grail"
for Paw collectors by a long time fan, as it must have been nearly impossible to find.
The guy who tracked me down after almost a decade of non-trading went through a bit
of effort to find me and the tape. Thanks to G. for making this my first DAT to flac
transfer and my first seed on dime. Thanks to G. also for figuring out the tracklist below.

I received this tape probably in '95 or '96, but unfortunately I do not recall from whom.
As my copy is on a 90 minute DAT, which I would consider highly unusual in taping circles,
it may be pretty close to the master. Soundquality is very good for the first few tracks
and excellent for the rest. It appears as if at least one analog generation was involved
somewhere down the line.

lineage: studio -> ? -> DAT (48kHz) -> Sony 59ES -> PC Digital Audio Input
-> resampling to 44.1kHz and track starts using Soundforge 8.0 (no other
manipulation to the original tape was carried out)

Disc 1
1. Remora (take 1)
2. (studio banter, "what is going on?")
3. Remora (take 2)
4. (studio banter, "keep rolling, please")
5. 30 Days (take 1, false start)
6. (studio banter, "seems kinda short that way")
7. 30 Days (take 2)
8. (studio banter, "next") + The Kitchen Is No Place
For a Man* (false start)
9. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man*
10. Glue Mouth Kid
11. Sweet Sally Brown (take 1)
12. Max The Silent
13. Hope I Die Tonight (intro)
14. Hope I Die Tonight
15. Seasoned Glove
16. Sweet Sally Brown (take 2)
17. Built Low
18. Learn To See*
19. Year of the Locust*
20. Texas (Mark's alternate version)
21. Lost Highway*
22. Death to Traitors
23. Badger

Disc 2
1. Swollen
2. Goodbye Dress*
3. Sunflower
4. Peach

* = unreleased song, unconfirmed title