Billy Bragg
Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts
29 June 2002
Source: Recorded by nolan with a Sharp MD-MT99 and a Sony ECM-T6 mic.
Converted to WAV by Steinsky with a Sony MZ-R70, analogue cable, Creative soundcard with Cool Edit, then Burnt with Nero, ripped (from the original CD) with EACand converted to SHN with MKW Audio Compresion Tool 0.97b1
01. The Milkman Of Human Kindness
02. To Have And To Have Not
03. The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
04. Lovers Town Revisited
05. The Man In The Iron Mask
06. Richard
07. A New England
08. A Lover Sings
09. It Says Here
10. God's Footballer
11. World Turned Upside Down
12. Power In A Union
13. She's Got A New Spell
14. The Saturday Boy
16. Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
17. St. Monday
18. Take Down The Union Jack
19. Upfield
20. Garrageland

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May 22, 2003
Reviewer: Eliotic
Subject: "Gotta keep playing these loud, fast ones"
Cutting off a second false start 30 seconds into God's Footballer (which never does get played), Billy explains, "I can't play these slow songs... I gotta keep playing these loud, fast ones... Basically there's two kinds of Billy Bragg sets: there's the kind-of, sort-of-like Saturday Boy kind-of soft and gentle set, where I kind of, you know, make you all feel winsome and everything that, and there's the go-out-and-just-take-the-top-of-their-heads-off punk-rock set. And I just feel it, and I just feel it, I just feel it." That latter's what you get here. Maybe not punk rock, but a very lively Billy Bragg show, tearing through a long list of his classics.

Through the first dozen tracks, BB is uncharactaristically unchatty, which is not to say he's in a low mood. This is a spirited set. But not the usual lectures. And the crowd clearly is with him, singing along vigorously on all the easy-to-remember songs. In fact, some parts sound like the chorus section of Another Brick in the Wall. Unfortunately some of the audience has as tenuous a relationship with pitch as BB sometimes has on the albums. He himself is in good voice though, and it comes through fairly well on the recording, with a relatively un-muddy guitar, too, even as it's clear this is an audience recording.

Besides the audience, Billy's by himself--no Blokes or Red Stars or whoever. So this one's more singing and less band. He makes some funny, timely lyric adjustments, especially through the first section of Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards. So, you don't get the intimate Billy sings-sweetly-for-you effect here. But turn it up and sing along loudly with everyone else, and this one's well worth the download.