Billy Bragg

Prince Of Wales, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
30th January 2008

There Is Power In A Union (instrumental)
Glad & Sorry
I Walk The Line
I Almost Killed You
The Johnny Carcinogenic Show

Sony ECMDS30P mic / Sharp MD-MT90 recorder / Cool Edit 2000 / FLAC 8 / You

Taper: Braggtopia!

Please note: this is a recording of a soundcheck. There are gaps between songs, off mic conversations, pauses and guitar tune-ups and incomplete songs. There are also some rare cover versions and some new songs....and the sound is very good. The main person Billy has a dialogue with during this is Grant Showbiz, his longtime producer and sound engineer. You also hear me, the taper, requesting the last song - the first time Billy has played this new one live !