Prince: Box O Chocolates
Free Boot Generation 29

Compilation of outtakes. Quote from their liner notes:
"Free Boot Generation is proud to share this Box "O" Chocolates with you. All sourced from low generation tapes... NOTHING has been ripped from existing bootlegs. You won't hear a better version unless the purple vault is opened!"

1. Witness 4 the Prosecution 3:52
2. Movie Star 4:24
3. A Place in Heaven 2:50
4. The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker 3:58
5. Starfish and Coffee 2:46
6. Girl O' My Dreams 1:27
7. Cant Stop This Feeling I Got 2:10
8. We Can Funk 5:31
9. Data Bank 7:56
10. Wonderful Ass
11. All Day All Night

Tape -> wave -> soundforge (noise reduction, panning and pitch corrected, various eq-processes, loudness maximizer, etc) ->flac level 6, SBE aligned