Technics Stereo Cassette Deck RS-TR373>Sony PCM-R300>Midiman Audiophile 2496

The Tape was taken from the ana deck straight through the R300's SBM unit to the soundcard in one shot.

THere is a magnetic error on CD1:
Now That I feel - 2:43 (in)

On track 07, there is something interesting in between DEVOTION and BLIND, played backwards (Stained Glass Window).

Tracks 12 and 13 were not listed on the J-Card. We know track 13 is "I Can't See You" based on the previouse Marked material
however we do not have a name for track 12 so it remains "UNKNOWN"


01. Now that I Feel
02. Mao Say Tongue
03. Pelican
04. Fade on Violet
05. Prelude/Deat of a Mind
06. Devotion
07. Stained Glass Window
08. Blind
09. Prelude/Pass


01. Dali Holds the Hand of God
02. First Curse
03. The Trance
04. Earth Stood Still
05. Christina
06. A Day at the Circus
07. Heart in my Hand
08. NO NO Go
09. Ring of the Shadow
10. Zieg Hiel
11. Fire [Hendrix]
12. "Unknown"
13. I Can't See You