Bjork/Gling Glo
Hotel Borg
Reykjavik, Iceland

Soundboard Cassette Master > CDRx1 > EAC > wav >
flac frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Wow. This is perhaps the best live recording of Björk pre-solo career.
This recording is taken directly from the soundboard master, and although
the volume is hot in the first 6 tracks, its a stunning quality recording.

Additionally, this recording contains the complete performance, which includes
an uncut "My Funny Valentine" as well as two songs that were not part of the
FM broadcast, and have never been circulated before ("Kata" and "Tondeleyo").
Finally, this recording is in the proper sequence, as apparently the fm recording
had switched the order of songs.

Thanks Anonymous!

A Bjork Hub Production:

01 Introduction
02 Pabbi Minn
03 Gling Gló
04 Misty
05 Í Dansi Með þér
06 My Funny Valentine
07 Bella Símamaer
08 Litli Tónlistarmaðurinn
09 Ástatröfrar
10 I Fall in Love Too Easily
11 Luktar-Gvendur
12 You Don't Know What Love Is
13 Cry Me a River
14 Can't Help Loving That Man
15 Brestir Og Brak
16 Ruby Baby
17 Kata Rokkar
19 Tondeleyo