TITLE Violently Live
VENUE Kosmopolitan [+]
The Academy [++}
CITY Aarhus [+]
Manchester [++]
COUNTRY Denmark [+]
England [++]
DATE September 9, 1993 [+]
September 14, 1993 [++]

Note: Date of Manchester appearance varies.
Might be December 19, 1993 as well.

01   Human Behaviour [+]
02   The Habour [Atlantic] [+]
03   One Day [+]
04   Venus As A Boy [+]
05   Come To Me [+]
06   Aeroplane [+]
07   Play Dead [+]
08   Crying [+]
09   Violently Happy [+]
10   There's More To Life Than This [+]
11   Big Time Sensuality [+]
12   If You Complain Once More [Army Of Me] [+]
13   Modern Things [+]
14   Human Behaviour [++]
15   The Habour [Atlantic] [++]
16   One Day [++]
17   Come To Me [++]
18   The Anchor Song [++]

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The major reason why you should get this bootleg is the second (and the 15th) track "Atlantic". "Atlantic" is a song that is too beautiful to be described in words. You just have to hear it to understand what I mean. Except from that this bootleg also brings us an interesting version of "Play dead" played on pipes and flutes where Björk is singing lots of syncopes and a wonderful, haunting version of "Violently happy" with a church-organ and some really cool djunglist-noises. The early version of "Army of me" reminds me a little bit of Sugarcubes' own "Coldsweat"-remix that you find as a bonus-track on "Life's too good" and the early version of "The modern things" is a truly beautiful one with Björk singing along to a keyboard. "Violently live" also brings you two versions of "Human behaviour". The first one just sounds like the original album-version but the second one has got some really interesting echo-effects. Björk is singing the bootleg's last five tracks with a sadder tone of voice and that fits "Human behaviour" perfect. I'm not that positive to the live-version of "There's more to life than this", though. It sounds nothing but hasty to me.
The sound quality at track 1-13 is as magnificent as if it was an official recording. Björk's voice doesn't get disturbed by the cries from the audience. Track 14-18 is recorded with a little bit worse sound-quality and the cries from the audience is spoiling many of the intros. There's a flute that follows her voice in many tracks and that sounds interesting sometimes but I could have made it without that flute. Some of the songs has got even more instruments than on the original "Debut"-album.