Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Adelaide Australia

Excellent Audience Recording (might be FM)
Boot CD ("Ssshhhhhhh") > EAC > ape

downloaded via Sirens of Song direct connect hub

.ape > MAC399 > wav > Flac Frontend (level 7, align on
sector boundaries) > flac


01 intro - Le Petit Chevalier
02 Headphones
03 Army Of Me
04 The Modern Things
05 Venus As A Boy
06 Human Behaviour
07 One Day
08 Charlene ("Shiny" on artwork)
09 Isobel
10 Possibly Maybe
11 I Go Humble
12 The Anchor Song
13 Hyper-ballad
14 Enjoy
15 I Miss You

16 Crying
17 Violently Happy
18 It's Oh So Quiet

This boot also contains the entire MTV Unplugged
performance, but those tracks have been deleted from
this flac file because Unplugged is commercially
available. Buy it! Support Bjork at