Paleo Festival
Nyon, Switzerland
25th of July 2007

Master Audiance Recording

CSB -> Sony MZR30 MiniDisc -> M-Audio 24-bits Soundcard into WaveLab (Low Shelf @35Hz, slight compression with Waves C1)
-> .wav -> .flac

1. Earth Intruders
2. Hunter
3. Pagan Poetry
4. Immature
5. Jóga
6. The Pleasure Is All Mine
7. Unravel
8. Army Of Me
9. Innocence
10. I Miss You
11. Anchor Song
12. Bachelorette
13. Five Years
14. Wanderlust
15. Hyperballad
16. Plútó
17. Encore Break & Band Introduction
18. Oceania
19. Declare Independence


An incredible show in an incredible festival! Sound, band, visuals, everything was absolutely perfect and Bjork entranced
the festival for an hour and a half!! An absolute dimensional shift! Enjoy!!


PS. Please, do not buy/sell, convert to lossy formats etc...

PS2. Incomplete list: