Rory Gallagher
Various- See listing
Frankfurt, Germersheim and Düsseldorf Germany

Source: FM
Lineage: CD Silvers (Oh-Boy 1-9038) (artwork included)
Taped by: unknown
Transfered by: Stefan Vardopoulos with digital "clean-up" (but there are errors)

Bootleg Title: The Cuckoo
File Size: 333 MB (FLAC)
Recording Notes: CD Silvers from German Broadcast studios in 1972 and 1973. For the time period, they are very good recordings. There are a few flaws in the recording; faint vocals and minor saturated vocals, other errors (noted) are from the actual recording). The last 3 tracks are, in my opinion, the weakest tracks on this disc.

Additional Notes: For Rory Gallagher fans, this was the first compilation of his "unplugged" music before "Wheels within Wheels" was released last year. Rory had two distinctive sides to his music; an acoustic virtuosity that "copied" the styles of the acoustic folk blues greats like Leadbelly Tony Joe White, Lightning Slim, and Muddy Waters among others, mixing them with his own unique style that is heard on his blistering electric style. From song to song, Rory's guitar style changes from whimsical to haunting, bluesy to country with impeccable guitar picking. Hoodoo Woman is included twice on this set, first as an acoustic number and later as a traditional blues tune. Although the same song, their recordings are completely different.

Setlist: (60:13)
January 16, 1973 HR Radio Studios, Frankfurt, Germany
Performer: Rory Gallagher- Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

01. Banker's Blues- 3:36
02. Hoodoo Woman- 3:49
03. Unmilitary Two-Step- 2:39

1972 HR Radio Studios, Frankfurt Germany
Performer: Rory Gallagher- Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

04. Gypsy Woman- 4:41
05. The Cuckoo- 3:40
06. Pistol Slapper Blues- 2:22 (fades out)

May 22, 1972 2nd British Rock Meeting, Germersheim, Germany
Rory Gallagher- Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals
Gerry McAvoy- Bass
Wilger Campbell- Drums

07. Used To Be- 4:56
08. Hoodoo Woman- 5:55
09. Don't Know Where I'm Going- 2:57
10. Goin' To My Hometown- 5:09
11. Bullfrog Blues- 9:22

January, 1973 Düsseldorf, Germany
Rory Gallagher- Electric Guitar, Vocals
Gerry McAvoy- Bass
Rod d'Arth- Drums
Lou Martin- Keyboards

12. Messin' With The Kid- 3:15 (tape splice, incomplete song)
13. Hands Off- 1:56 (fade out)
14. Laundromat- 6:16