Rory Gallagher
London, UK

Source: SBD-CD Silvers (Triangle PYCD 051) (Artwork Included)
Lineage: CD Silvers>EAC>FLAC
Taped by: unknown
Transfered by: unknown

Bootleg Title: A Bottle of Gin
File Size: 401 MB (FLAC)
Recording Notes: Taken directly from the CD silvers, this seems to have been copied from the BBC broadcast acetates; played loud, you can hear minor surface noise.

Additional Notes: This is a slide guitar feast with Rory wailing away with some very hot blues tunes. Rory is really on this night as his guitar playing shines, playing more slide than in later tours. He has only one acoustic song here (Bankers Blues) and a very interesting version of Voodoo Blues. Recorded during the "Irish Tour 74" filming, you can hear why the audience went crazy when he hit the stage. His back-up band is extremely tight, with Gerry McAvoy on bass, Lou Martin on keys and Rod de'Ath on drums.

Rory Gallagher- Electric, Acoustic and Slide Guitars, Harmonica and vocals
Gerry McAvoy- Bass
Rod de'Ath- Drums
Lou Martin- Keyboards

Setlist: (71:46) (artwork in incorrect, here is correct song listing)
01. Hands Up- 5:28
02. What In The World- 9:32
03. Walk on Hot Coals- 8:52
04. Bankers Blues- 4:40
05. Race The Breeze- 8:00
06. Voodoo Man Blues- 7:45
07. Bullfrog Blues- 10:45
08. Tattoo'd Lady- 5:23
09. Back on my Stomping Ground- 5:22
10. Who's That Coming- 5:49