Rory Gallagher
Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux, Switzerland

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: CD Silvers>EAC>FLAC
Taped by: unknown
Transfered by: unknown

Bootleg Title: Chequered Shirt Wizzard (Blues Tune BT 001)
File Size: 454 MB (FLAC)

Recording Notes: In honor of the recent DVD release by the Rory Gallagher estate and Rockpalast (Rory Gallagher at Rockpalast which included the entire 10-6-76 Studio L Köln and the infamous, complete 7-23-77 Grugehalle Essen shows) I bring you this very nice sounding boot. This is Rory at his finest and most popular (at least for us "older" people) during this period, his guitar playing is amazing. From the rocking opening of I Take What I Want, to the jazzy Calling Card, into a slide guitar driven Secret Agent, Rory is flying! Tattoo'd Lady would become a concert standard and this performance shows why.

The acoustic set of Out on the Western Plain, Barley and Grape Rag/Pistol Slapper Blues and Too Much Alcohol shows Rory's different guitar styles from country, ragtime and blues.

The second electric set goes from traditional rocking blues (Garbage Man) to a rock standard (Souped Up Ford) and to the haunting Million Miles Away.

Additional Notes: Two of the tracks on this CD--Shin Kicker and Last of the Independents-are from the 1978 release Photo-Finish. I have not been able to determine if they are from this show (experimenting new material) or from a different show (7/18/79 Montreux 10th year show?). Either way, grab this, as it is a great performance of Rory and the band, tight and high-spirited.

Rory Gallagher- Electric, Electric Slide, Acoustic and National Steel Guitar, Vocals
Gerry McAvoy- Bass
Lou Martin- Keyboards
Ron de'Ath- Drums

Setlist: (74:30)
Disc 1 (74:30)
01. I Take What I Want- 6:06
02. Calling Card- 6:54
03. Secret Agent- 6:00
04. Tattoo'd Lady- 4:40
05. Out On The Western Plain- 5:44
06. Barley & Grape Rag/Pistol Slapper Blues- 5:24
07. Too Much Alcohol- 5:13
08. Garbage Man- 8:12
09. Bought and Sold- 5:59
10. A Million Miles Away- 7:48
11. Shin Kicker- 6:43
12. Last of the Independents- 5:47