Rory Gallagher
Old Waldorf
San Francisco
8 December 1978

Source: FM- CD Silvers (Midas Touch 61111)
Lineage: FM>CD Silvers>EAC>FLAC
Taped by: ???
Transfered by: ???

Bootleg Title: Shadow Play
File Size: 408 MB (FLAC)
Recording Notes: There is a small tracking problem with tracks 2/3 & 8/9. The end of Track 2 spills over into track 3, likewise with tracks 8 & 9, but there is no loss of music. The last song, Calling Card fades out as most likely his set ran over the allotted broadcast time for the show as was the nature of FM radio back then. This track has been cut (all 1 minute of it) from this torrent.

This tour was in support of his latest release at that time- Photo Finish. This was also the first tour with Ted McKenna on drums, replacing Rod De'Ath. He would be a mainstay with Rory and Gerry McAvoy until 1980 when Rory stopped touring for a number of years citing a fear of flying. His tours would be limited to the European Continent until the late 80s.

Additional Notes: Rory's 76-79 Tours have to be my favorite. His playing matured over this period due to the massive touring schedule that he kept, earning him the title as the hardest working act in the business. I was able to see him play in a small gymnasium in Erlangen Germany on this tour for my 21st birthday. Rory's playing on this tour relied more on his finger work with more of a "rock" or "metal" lead guitar edge to the music. His guitar work on Tattoo'd Lady and Shadow Play would make these a standard and concert favorite through his last tour.

But there are still flashes of the old slide brilliance, especially on Secret Agent, Brute Force and Ignorance and Mississippi Sheiks. The only acoustic track is Too Much Alcohol, where once again, Rory's slide work is evident.

Additionally, you can hear him pay homage to his blues roots on I wonder Who and the his signature ending song from his early days, Bullfrog Blues. The guitar work on this song shoes the full range of his playing, shifting from "skiffle" to a wailing slide and back again.

Rory Gallagher- Electric Guitars,
Gerry McAvoy- Bass
Ted McKenna- Drums

Setlist: (73:15)
01. Shinkicker- 3:16
02. Do You Read Me- 6:17
03. Bought & Sold- 7:05
04. I Wonder Who- 6:26
05. Secret Agent- 5:56
06. Brute Force and Ignorance- 4:46
07. Tattoo'd Lady- 5:34
08. I Take What I Want- 3:14
09. Too Much Alcohol- 5:22
10. Shadow Play- 5:22
11. Mississippi Sheiks- 5:21
12. Messin' With the Kid- 5:41
13. Bullfrog Blues- 7:39