LDB Vintage Series #039

Hi there! After closing both my Master and Special series I took a break from seeding, enjoying life and most of all
preparing for a new series! This is not going to be as frequent as my previous ones, I'll be seeding shows from time
to time so don't expect massive volumes here.

Why a "vintage" series? Because music in the 70's and 80's was really something...so different, so special with "that" kind
of sound which you don't find anymore. That was the era of real music without the internet, of long tours and enjoyable live
shows spanning from metal to new wave, progressive, jazz, fusion, pop. So many bands were born and disappeared during those
two decades.

I am then celebrating the 70's and the 80's and their unmistakeable sound in this LDB Vintage Series. You will find many bands
I have never seeded in the past but that I still enjoy listening to. Most of these come from low generation tapes that were traded
around that period, many radio broadcasts and overall lots of surprises.

Hope you will enjoy this new series!

Dortmund, Westphalenhalle
May 30, 1982

1.Mrs. Robinson
2.Homeward Bound
4.Me and Julio
5.Scarborough Fair
6.My little Town
7.Wake up little Susie
8.Still crazy after all these Years
9.Bright eyes
10.Late in the Evening
11.Slip sliding away
12.El Condor Pasa
13.50 ways to leave your lover
14.American Tune
15.The late great Johnny Ace
17.Bridge over troubled water
18.The Boxer
19.Old friends
20.Feelin' Groovy
22.Sounds of silence
23.All I have to do is Dream
24.Band Intro / Late in the Evening (reprise)

TT 110:41

Lineage: Unknown recording device > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck TC-WE475 > Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D >
HD > SoundForge Pro 10.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Paul Simon – guitars, vocals, triangle
Art Garfunkel – vocals
George Wadenius – guitars
Pete Carr – guitars
Wayne Pedzwater – bass guitar
Ed Walsh - synthesizer
Richard Tee – keyboards, piano
Steve Gadd – drums, percussion
John Gatchell – trumpet
John Eckert – trumpet
Gerry Niewood – saxophones
Fred Lipsius - saxophones

That was the second gig of the tour which followed the successful release of the "Concert in Central Park" album in
february 1982. Actually this show is more interesting than the New York City performance as it includes three additional
tracks and includes two which were played at Central Park but not included in the live album (The late great Johny Ace was
stopped by Paul Simon when a fan jumped onstage and the last encore Late In The Evening was simply dropped from the final
list of the record).

The duo split right after this successful tour and would not sing together untill 1990.

This is my tribute to a great live album, perhaps one of best ones of the 80's. The recording from Dortmund is fine although
a bit hissy. But you won't hear the audience a lot and the listening is quite enjoyable.