black flag
"early 1980"
venue unknown
san diego, california

lineage: aud->?gen cassette->wav->sound forge 4.5 [noise reduction, normalization]->cd wave [splits]->flac

min:sec - 31:27

filesize: 224 mb

notes: purchased on cassette at a north carolina record show in the late 1980's. date/venue info as listed on cassette. recording suffers from bad mic placement, but sounds fairly low gen. a 7.5 out of 10. lower quality in general than the 7-4-81 gig circulating. maybe 10 people in attendance. entire show is spent in anticipation of the cops' arrival. finally ends because "the cops wanna party, and we don't wanna give 'em one."


01. no more
02. revenge
03. white minority
04. i've heard it before
05. depression
06. machine
07. i've had it
08. nervous breakdown
09. jealous again
10. spray paint
11. damaged 2
12. no values
13. room 13
14. clocked in
15. fix me
16. wasted
17. police story
18. louie louie