Zippo encore stage

Download Festival

Donington Park, Castle Donington, England

8th June 2012


01 Intro
02 One last thrill
03 Nightrain
04 Back from cali
05 Ghost
06 Standing in the sun
07 Rocket queen
08 Halo
09 Starlight
10 Mr brownstone
11 Anastasia
12. You're a lie
13. Sweet child o'mine / God save the queen
14. Slither
15. Paradise city

SP-CMC-4U cards > SP-SPSB-11 > Edirol R-09

Edited in Cooledit Pro 2.0 > Split using CD Wave editor > WAV to FLAC using traders little helper.

Contrast clause, this is a different recording to this one previously uploaded to dime:

Opening day headline set from the 2nd stage at Download. Recorded by me, I was approx 30 feet from the speaker stack on stage right.

The weather was an absolute nightmare, windy and raining, so there is some phasing at times and a touch of noise from the
wind on the odd occasion. So if you don't want a recording with a few imperfections like that then do not download. Please
don't download this and then moan afterwards, I am fore warning you here. So be sure to check out the sample of the recording
that is in the first post of this torrent.

However despite the shitty weather the performance was fantastic and it was an enjoyable set. He even tags on the English national
anthem to the end of Sweet child o'mine.

I hope you enjoy the recording, but please respect my wishes by not converting or distributing in a lossy format.