June 7, 1982
City Gardens
Trenton, New Jersey, USA

June 11, 1983
Santa Monica Civic
Santa Monica, California, USA

June 7, 1982 -

01 Revenge (cuts in)
02 I've Heard It Before
03 Room 13
04 Depression
05 Six Pack
06 Nervous Breakdown
07 I've Had It
08 I've Got to Run
09 Jealous Again (fades out)

June 11, 1983 -

10 Rise Above
11 Louie Louie

Here are two show fragments. Complete versions would be greatly appreciated, especially the 1983. This was the "Everything Went Black Show" with Greg, Chuck, Billy, Hank, Dez, Chavo, Biscuits, and Robo. Misfits and Vandals opened. I was there and would really like the full version of this.