Black Flag
Date: 1983-05-26
Venue: (electric) @Vets Hall, San Luis Obisbo, CA
Sets: 54min+
Media: CDR
Number: 1
Source: sbd > cassette (unknown gen) > cdr > traded cdr > DBPowerAmp to flac (compression : medium)
Quality: A-


1-Slip It In
2-I Love You
3-American Waste
5-Beat My Head Against The Wall
6-Nervous Breakdown
7-Jealous Again
8-Spray Paint The Walls
9-Damaged I
10-Life Of Pain
11-My Rules
12-Police Story
13-I've Had It
14-Nothing Left Inside
15-My War
16-Thirsty & Miserable
17-Wasted (incomplete)
18-Louie Louie
19-Six Pack