4.15.86 The Marked - Joliet Attic Rehearsal
ANA-L>CDR - from Ron Roesing

"This was received on CDR
The exact lineage is unknown, but sounds like possibly taken from a Low Gen Tape.

The last track on the cd is obviously not from the rehearsal. It sounds like possibly done in a studio.
The last rehearsal track (second last track on cd) has some really bad skips on it. we are unaware of exactly why.
This how the cd we received is."

01. The Dream
02. Stained Glass Window
03. Tomorrow is Today
04. The Trance
05. The Girl I Never Loved
06. On Yesterday
07. Jokers
08. Hallowed Vision (cut)
09. I Dont Really want to Know
10. Ring of the Shadow (cut)
11. Yesterday
12. Murder Mix
13. The Dream (with vox)
14. Go Play Guns
15. Drowning in the Flowers
16. "Unknown" (alt. rec. session)