The Marked - Joliet 6-track demo tape (ANA-1>CDR) CDR-4 ?

"Technics Stereo Cassette Deck RS-TR373>Sony PCM-R300>Midiman Audiophile 2496
The Tape was taken from the ana deck straight through the R300's SBM unit to the soundcard in one shot.
taken from Rons tape.
Ron doesn't have the master, apparently it was destroyed in a flood of some type
possibly/most likely an analog-1
so its safe to say ana1>cdrM(0)"

"There is a magnetic error on:
The Trance - 0:45 (in)
Christina - 2:00 (in)"

01. Stained Glass Window
02. On Yesterday
03. Christina
04. The Trance
05. Go Play Guns
06. Rules to the Bad Games