black flag
october 13th, 1984
kent state university
kent, ohio

lineage: sbd->?gen cassette->wav->sound forge 4.5 [noise reduction, normalization]->cd wave [splits]->flac

min:sec - 26:18

filesize: 154 mb

notes: outstanding quality. too bad its a partial. rollins is real annoying at this gig - check out the commentary on ginn's string change. "the process of weeding out" ep saw its inception during the weeks just prior to this gig, and "your last affront" makes an early appearance. an heirloom recording to share with friends. solid 9 out of 10.


01. slip it in
02. my ghetto
03. black coffee
04. beat my head against a wall
05. your last affront
06. rat's eyes [cut]