Ok, please be gentle with me, this is my first cassette rip, using my great new, (2nd hand off eBay!), sound card.

After getting so much great stuff here on Dime I had a little spare cash and decided to get rigged up for ripping
my old tapes. I traded between 1987 and 1995, and also have a lot of personal master recordings from hardcore
shows I played/attended here in the UK from 1994-1996. The traded stuff tends to be better known bands, got
some more SNFU, Huskers ('82+'83 shows!!), Minor Threat, Black Flag, Snuff, Prong, Treponem Pal, Morbid
Angel, Misfits, Killing Joke, Laughing Hyenas, Urge Overkill, oooh, loads! The masters are all lesser known
hardcore and emo bands, (and by emo I mean Rites of Spring/Hoover DC emo, not that crap being peddled
nowadays), Voorhees, Oi Polloi, Polaris, Revolt, Bob Tilton, Baby Harp Seal, Ebola, Kito, Manfat.... Demos
too... Any requests are welcome and I'll see what I've got!


Here's SNFU, great show from an unknown venue in San Diego, I've only seen one SNFU show here on Dime,
and it got banned, so hopefully this won't get banned, lol! The sound is pretty good, it may even be a SBD, but
I'm not sure. Not knowing the gen of the trade it's hard to say, but the staging sounds too good for an audience
tape..? I have 3 more, but I also have about 300 tapes to check out and grade, and some more Die Kreuzen
to up, as promised a while ago... So patience please!

lineage: unknown gen trade cass - NG Wave editor (16Bit/48KHz) - CD Wave (splitting) - FLAC (Nero, zero comp).

running time 49:20

1. Joyrider
2. Loser at Life, Loser at Death
3. Plastic Surgery Kept Her Beautiful
4. I Forget
5. Bodies in the Wall
6. Bottom of a Bottle
7. She's Not on the Menu
8. Electic Chair
9. Grave Digger
10. Scarecrow
11. Cannibal Cafe
12. The Ceiling
13. Womanser
14. Misfortune
15. Poor Pitiful Me (drops out for half a second)
encore/tape flip
16. Broken Toy
17. Get Off Your Ass

I haven't done any sound reduction, you get what's on the tape. If anybody wants to play around and clean things up,
please feel free.

Enjoy, Seed and don't convert to mp3 or sell to other fans!