adler's appetite
sunday march 8, 2009
bolingbrook, illinois

steven adler-drums
chip z'nuff-bass/vocals
michael thomas-guitars
alex grossi-guitars

tailgater's is a venue in bolingbrook, a suburb of chicago. adler's appetite is basically a gnr cover band.
not a bad sized crowd for this bar as about 200 fans braved the cold. it has a good stage, nice floor, and great lighting
for such a small place. adler kept time for the most part and had a good performance. the mix could have been a little better,
as the rhythm guitar was somewhat buried.

r9>sound professionals sbs11@69>sound professionals sp cmc 8 w/low sensitivity modification>2g memory card>
audacity>cd wave>tlh>flac level 8>you

the volume was slightly amplified via audacity and the tracks were cut with cd wave. nothing else has been done

1)its so easy
2)out ta get me
3)night train
4)my michelle
5)civil war
6)mr brownstone
7)knockin on heavens door
8)rocket queen
9)mama kin
10) sweet child o mine
11)paradise city
12)welcome to the jungle

feel free to share. dont sell it, and do support the band and steven in his time of need.