Copenhagen, DK
Copenhell Festival

source: audience master, incomplete show
length: 69.25

Black Sabbath's last gig in Denmark, not one of my best taping
experiences though. Pretty good sound for the first half hour or so
but then the rain came and I had to hide the machine from the water.
I thought I fucked it all up then and only continued until Iron Man
had finished. Listening now it sounds pretty good overall anyway.

Very few people tape at Copenhell for some reason, so if we never
see a complete one at least this one was released. I hope someone
will enjoy it. They cut Hand of doom from the set unfortunately.

01 Black sabbath
02 Fairies wear boots
03 After forever
04 Into the void
05 Snowblind
06 War pigs
07 Behind the wall of sleep
08 N.I.B.
09 Rat salad / drum solo
10 Iron man