Blind Melon
Good Foot Workshop
Studio Demos
Los Angeles, CA

Cassette Master>DAT>>WAV>CD-R

01 - Drive
02 - What You Lost
03 - Paper Scratcher
04 - Tones of Home
05 - Leave Me Alone (I Wonder)
06 - Dear Ol Dad
07 - Soul One
08 - Seed To A Tree


This Is The Real Deal Folks.No Slow Speeds,No Distorted Bass.
The Recording Itself Came From A Battered Cassette (Sony).There
Has Been No Digital Editing Or Eq'ing Done To This What So Ever.What
You Are Hearing Is What Was On The Tape...And It Sounds A Hell
Of Alot Better Than The Actual Silver Cd Bootleg.

This Upgrade Brought To You From Cyko50

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Note: I recompressed the SHN files to include the seek tracks (*.skt)
in the SHN files instead of being separate.