St. Vincent
February 18, 2018
The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA
Taped by MajinTrunkz (Matt P.)

ZOOM H1 (48kHz 24bit WAV) > SD Card > Audacity > FLAC

Set list:
01. [Intro]
02. Marry Me
03. Now, Now
04. The Strangers
05. Actor Out of Work
06. Cruel
07. Cheerleader
08. Strange Mercy
09. Digital Witness
10. Rattlesnake
11. Birth in Reverse
12. [Masseduction Intro]
13. Hang On Me
14. Pills
15. Masseduction
16. Sugarboy
17. Los Ageless
18. Happy Birthday, Johnny
19. Savior
20. [Atlanta/New York false start]
21. New York
22. Fear the Future
23. Young Lover
24. Slow Disco
25. Smoking Section

Run Time: 1:29:15

For this St. Vincent tour, it's just been Annie Clark with a guitar and prerecorded backing music for all the songs. Having seen her with a full band
before, I will definitely say I much preferred that, but this was still a fun show. Not as much energy as you'd get from a full band, but Annie
still knows how to keep it interesting when it's only her on stage. The first half of the show was songs from her first four albums in chronological
order, then a full performance of her new album for the second set. I think the Masseduction songs worked a lot better with the no-band format than
the older songs, but that also might just be because I've never heard those songs played with a band so I have nothing to compare it to.

One small funny moment was when she asked us to clap before starting "New York." She meant for us to clap to the beat of the song, but instead she
got applause, which caused her to stop the song and explain that she was not trying to be self-aggrandizing and just wanted audience participation
in the song.

Annie's aunt and uncle, Tuck and Patti, opened the show with some stripped-down jazz. I didn't record them, but I wish I had because it was really