Blind Melon
Wetlands, NYC, NY


An awesome show I got a couple years back...text file said, "extracted this from dvd audio from the free Much Music Intimate & Interactive dvd (" Sound Quality is a solid A.

Disk 1
01. Intro
02. Tones of Home
03. I Wonder
04. Soak the Sin
05. Sleepyhouse
06. Smile a Mile Wide
07. Dear Ol' Dad
08. Holyman
09. I'm Just Living>
10. Deserted
11. Paper Scratcher (cut-see below)
12. Drive
13. Wooh G.O.D.
14. Change
15. High Times

Disk 2
01. Time

Shannon Hoon (Deceased) - vocals, harmonica, kazoo, and acoustic guitar
Christopher Thorn - guitar, mandolin, and harmonica
Rogers Stevens - guitar and piano
Brad Smith - bass, flute, and background vocals
Glen Graham - drums and percussion

(ticket stub jpeg included in torrent)

It all wouldn't fit on 1 disc as is, but Paper Scratcher (totally butchered, tape flip?) can be omitted and the set will fit on one disc. However, Paper Scratcher is included, so you can make up your own mind...

I don't think anything has been done to this show exept it being broken up into tracks. Please feel free to remaster if you feel like it...

There is not one Blind Melon show to be found on Dime, and I know
there are fans out there, so I felt obligated to toss one out.
I have a few more BM shows that I hope to put up soon...