Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

Date: 2017-06-02
Location: Leipzig - Agra-Halle (Germany)
Event: 26. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
Source: AUD/WAV MASTER (WAV-24 bit/48 khz) / Input Level '4'
*** taped front row FOS (front of speakers) ~ 5 m from left stack
Equipment: Sony PCM-M10 ( mic in ) +
2x Audio Technica AT853sc ('darktrain' 4.7k mod) +
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-9 keychain style super mini batter module
w/mini 12vdc battery
mics hat mounted
Lineage: WAV(master) -> FLAC
Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 > USB > Hard Drive [pillowman] > TLH > FLAC [6] > Hard Drive [pillowman] > transfer to Smores > Adobe Audition 5.5 (level boost/save as wav. 16/44.1) > CD Waveditor (track) > flac8
Taper: pillowman
Tracked: Smores

Notes: Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) & Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) w/Patrick Q Wright {violin}

Recorded via 'mic in' instead of 'line in' because I expected an very quiet performance ...
it was a bit difficult to find a good Input Level and sometimes the recording runs a bit 'hot'.
BTW the Input Level was minimized from '4,5' > '4' during the show ... But at the end the result
isn't that bad - it's always a challenge to record an unknown artist :-[


1. -intro by DJ ELVIS and Oliver Klein-
2. -techincal difficulties-
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Shahla's Missing Page
5. The Shock Of Kontakt
6. Mrs. O {Dresden Dolls}
7. The Clock At The Back Of The Cage
8. Golden Dawn {Legendary Pink Dots}
9. The Jack Of Hands
10. Machete {Amanda Palmer}
11. The Lovers (Part 1) {Legendary Pink Dots}
12. Half Jack {Dresden Dolls}

note: The performers take the stage after the stage intro, only to find the piano has a broken sustain pedal. So, before they even start, track 2 "-techincal difficulties-" is the 10+ minutes of vamping and otherwise stalling while people behind the scenes run around trying to get another piano to the stage. This, no doubt, forced one or more songs to be cut from the planned setlist.

also of note: To mitigate confusion, it should be noted that this performance was scheduled on the bill for the evening of June 2. However, the band didn't take the stage until after 1:00am on June 3. So, technically, this performance was on June 3. In case the band performed elsewhere on the evening of June 3, I am keeping the dates in these files as the originally scheduled June 2.