U.L.U (University of London Union) Mallet st, London

14th Febuary 1986


Literally can't remember what I used for this one.

Master Cassette>ACLAB14>Normalise to 95%>Fade In/Out>WAV>TLH>Flac(8)

Both myself and my good buddy RacerX took our respective girlfriends to this one on valentines day, they say romance is dead!
Suffice to say neither are still with us....For better or worse we're still together!!!!

This was loud and very sweaty, the band were at their prime and were grinding down audiences for sheer fun, this was
something of a short set and nearly caused a riot, people were rocking the stacks and hurling abuse, wish I'd left
my recorder running but I always turned off as soon as the band were off stage.
The sound is surprisingly clear, this is long before I owned the Wm dc6, I was using external mics, can't remember if it
was the Ecm 101 or some Akai jobs, check out the samples....