The Swans

Amsterdam, Paradiso, March 13, 1997

From the VPRO Radio broadcast (my tape is directly from the radio).

This torrent only contains two songs. All other tracks from the show have been released on "Swans are Dead" (so I found out while comparing all songs
from the broadcast with the album just to be sure not to violate the Dime policy).

1 The Man With the Silver Tongue
2 Blood on Yr Hands
3 DJ outro

The full Amsterdam setlist was:

1 Feel Happiness
2 Low Life Form
3 Not Alone
4 The Man With the Silver Tongue
5 Blood on Yr Hands
6 Hypogirl
7 I Crawled
8 I Am the Sun
9 Blood Promise

"Swans Are Dead" is the Swans 1998 live double album on vinyl and was recorded in 1995 and 1997 on the band's final tours.

Disc one (Black) was reportedly recorded in Amsterdam, New York City, Trondheim, Prague, Brussels and Atlanta on the band's final tour in 1997.
This is obviously not true, all songs except "Blood on yr hands", which is a really different version, come from the Amsterdam show.

Disc one (Black)
"Feel Happiness" 16:57 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]
"Low Life Form" 4:54 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]
"Not Alone" 13:12 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]
"Blood on Yr Hands" 2:59 [unknown]
"Hypogirl" 3:22 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]
"I Crawled" 10:05 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]
"I Am the Sun" 5:26 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]
"Blood Promise" 15:23 [Amsterdam, March 13, 1997]

Several sites, including Wikipedia only list the first three as being from Amsterdam. I guess nobody ever checked the last four tracks when #4 seemed to be different.

Now regarding the band: the Radio DJ mentions the following band members :

Michael Gira, Jarboe, Larry Mullins, Joe Goldring, Clinton Steele, Yudi

Note that this information also deviates from the information on "Swans is Dead".

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