artist: SWANS

date: 2010-12-09
venue: Firlej
city: Wroclaw
country: Poland


01 Intro
02 No Words/No Thoughts
03 Your Property
04 Sex God Sex
05 Jim
06 [Untitled]
07 I Crawled
08 Avatar
09 Eden Prison / encore
10 Little Mouth (incomplete)

Note: Unfortunately, for the unknown reason, the last 2-3 minutes of the show has been not taped.

Lineage: Sony ECM 727P > Sony MD MZ-R909 > line out/line in to HDD via SoundBlaster SB0270 adapter > SoundForge > wav > FlacFrontend (level 6) > Trader's Little Helper > Dime > you

No equalization, direct transfer

Taper position: right side, about 4 m from the stage

Taped & transferred & edited & uploaded on Dime by: robjab

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Please, do not sell this recording and do not distribute after convertion into mp3 format!

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