artist: Swans
venue: Trix, Antwerpen (Belgium)
date: 2013-Mar-30 (30th of March 2013)

line-up: Michael Gira (vocals,guitar), Norman Westberg (guitar), Chris Pravdica (bass guitar), Kristoph Hahn (lap steel guitar),
Thor Harris (chimes,gong,melodica,drums) and Phil Puleo (hammer dulcimer,percussion,drums)

total time: 162 mins

01. To Be Kind
02. Mother Of The World
03. She Loves Us
04. Coward
05. The Seer
06. ???
07. ??? / Toussaint Louverture

notes: I started recording in front of the right PA, but had to move back after about an hour when Thor started blowing the trumpet and my brains melted. Fifteen meters back next to the soundboard (which was at the back of the hall) the sound was surprisingly more balanced, with more and very deep bass. Also I could keep an eye on the decibels meters which where invariably between 105 and 110dB. Ough! Don't think there was anyone in the audience without ear-plugs. Mind (and brains) blowing event.

recording equipment: Core Sound Binaurals >Battery Box >Edirol R-05 (Solid State recorder)
processing: Audobe Audition (some edits) > r8Brain (96kHZ/24bit > 44,1 kHz/16bit) > (CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splitting) >TLH 2.4.1 (flac - level 8 / torrent creation)