Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (Belgium)
September 25, 2014

Lineage: Master audience recording > FLAC
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > line-in > Edirol R-05 (@24bit/48kHz)
Transfer: Cool Edit Pro (edits,clapping,volume) > R8Brain (downsample to 16bit/44.1kHz) > CD Wave Editor > FLAC

01. Frankie M (34:37)
02. A Little God In My Hands (14:02)
03. The Apostate (31:28)
04. Just A Little Boy (for Chester Burnett) (13:11)
05. xxx (9:12)
06. Bring The Sun (12:32)
07. Black Hole Man (12:31)
08. band intro (2:45)

Total running time: 130m

Michael Gira - guitar, vocal;
Norman Westerg - guitar;
Kristoph Hahn - lapsteel;
Christopher Pravdica – bass;
Phil Puleo - drums;
Thor Harris - drums/percussion, vibes, clarinet, trombone, violin.

Note: Not as mesmerising as their last 2 recent shows I saw (2010, 2013). Too long and repetitive, adding little. With some edits, they could turn some of these pieces into great tracks. 10-15 mins should be the max for each track. First half of the show was rather dispensible, the rest was good. Now listening at home, the concert does sound good.