Blind Melon
March 21, 2008
Station 4
St. Paul MN

Taper: "The Fridge" aka: alzeppelin

Location: 7 ft high at the soundboard

Source: Coresound High-end Binaurals > Bass Roll-off Box > Sony D100 > Master 48 khz DAT

Transfer: Master DAT > Standalone burner > Master CDRs > EAC > Cooledit Pro (normalized levels)
> CDWave (tracking) > FLAC Level 8

This is the first night of my "Blind Melon weekend" of 2008. Station 4 is
frankly not the best place to see a band play when it comes to view and sound.
That being said, this recording turned out MUCH better than I expected with
hardly any audience noise to speak of.

I also filmed this show with 2 cameras which will be made into a DVD and seeded
in the near future.

I would advise anyone to check out Blind Melon with their new singer. They are
completely open taping (both audio and video) and will help you out with
any problems when it comes to the venue.

Disc One

1) Hello-Goodbye
2) Galaxie
3) 2X4
4) Toes Across The Floor
5) For My Friends
6) Soup
7) Make a Differance
8) Drive
9) Paper Scratcher
10) Sleepyhouse
11) I Wonder
12) Sometimes
13) Wishing Well

Disc Two

1) Change
2) Hypnotize
3) Tumblin Down
4) Skinned
5) Soak The Sin
6) Wilt
7) No Rain-Ripped Away
8) No Rain
9) The Pusher
10) Mouthful of Cavities
11) Time