Blind Melon
March 22, 2008
Omaha NE

Taper: "The Fridge" aka: alzeppelin

Location: 10 ft in front of the right PA stack on the 1st row of the balcony

Source: Coresound High-end Binaurals > Bass Roll-off Box > Sony D100 > Master 48 khz DAT

Transfer: Master DAT > Standalone burner > Master CDRs > EAC > Cooledit Pro (normalized levels)
> CDWave (tracking) > FLAC Level 8

This is the 2nd and final night of my "Blind Melon Weekend 2008" at an excellent new venue called
The Slowdown in Omaha NE.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the cool group of guys from South Dakota who graciously gave
up their prime spot on the first row of the balcony directly over the stage and 10 feet from the PA
stack. Because of this spot I was rewarded with an excellent sounding tape, virtually soundboard
quality since I was so close to the PA but still got some ambience from the crowd.

The show itself was excellent and the band even more on fire than the night before in St. Paul. The
only tiny negative...and I mean the fact that Travis was having some trouble hitting
the extremely high notes probably due to the weather and traveling. The band more then pick of
the slack and deliver another superb show for only 15 bucks! You just can't beat that.

Once again, I would advise all my fellow tapers to check out this band and record them with either
video or audio since they are completely open taping. Even the band members collect these bootlegs!

Disc One

1) Hello-Goodbye
2) Galaxie
3) 2X4
4) Toes Across The Floor
5) For My Friends
6) Soup
7) (With the) Right Set of Eyes
8) Drive
9) Paper Scratcher
10) Sleepyhouse
11) I Wonder
12) Cheatum Street

Disc Two

1) Wishing Well
2) Change
3) Hypnotize
4) Sometimes
5) Skinned
6) Soak The Sin
7) Wilt
8) No Rain-Ripped Away
9) No Rain
10) The Pusher
11) Mouthful of Cavities
12) Time