Blind Melon
September 27, 2008
The Underground
Mankato MN

Taper: "The Fridge" aka: alzeppelin

Location: 30 feet from the stage right PA

Source: Coresound High-end Binaurals > Bass Roll-off Box > Sony D100 > Master 48 khz DAT

Transfer: 48 khz Master DAT > Digital Coax cable > Cooledit Pro (downsample 44khz/normalized levels) >
> CDWave (tracking) > FLAC Level 8

Pretty good show overall with just a few negatives. The first being the lame-ass crowd
who had to be coaxed into making noise for an encore. The band came on at 10:30 with no opener
so it was kind of a late start but this was due to the opening band bailing as I later found out.

The venue itself was extremely small and reminded me of your average neighborhood bar...just a lot cleaner!
There was plenty of room to move around and a nice elevated level all the way around the main floor which was ideal for taping.
I recorded this about 30 feet from CT (stage right) and had an unobstructed view the whole night.
The sound could have been better but having the soundboard on the side of the stage vs. out front makes it a lot tougher for the soundman.

Aside from those minor gripes, the band was in amazing spirits for driving all the way from Indiana the night before.
Brad has such a great rapport with the audience and as always was extremely into the show. I guess you could say the whole band put out 110% energy (as usual).

There are a few "issues" with the recording such as diginoise in a few places due to my recorder
more or less eating the DAT tape. I managed to rewind it so it could be played again but there
are a few spots left. The sound reflects the small bar setup so it is by no means stellar but
very good none the less.

I would advise all my fellow tapers to check out this band and record them with either
video or audio since they are completely open taping. Even the band members collect these bootlegs!

1) Local DJ Intro
2) 2x4
3) I Wonder
4) Soup
5) Paper Scratcher
6) For My Friends
7) Toes Across the Floor
8) Wishing Well
9) Change
10) Time
11) Hypnotize
12) Skinned
13) Soak the Sin
14) No Rain (Ripped Away)
15) No Rain
16) Galaxie
17) The Pusher