artist: Blixa Bargeld & Teo Teardo
venue: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (Belgium)
date: 2013-12-01 (1st of December 2013)

line-up: Blixa Bargeld (vocals,sampler), Teho Teardo (guitar, laptop, foot pedals,..) and Martina Bertoni (electric cello, xylophone)

total time: 86 mins

02.Nur Zur Erinnerung
03.Mi Scusi
06.Still Smiling
08.What If…?
09.Konjuktiv II
10.The Empty Boat [Caetano Veloso]
11.Come Up and See Me
12.Alone With the Moon [The Tiger Lilies]
13.A Quiet Life

15.Crimson and Clover [Tommy James & The Shondells]

17.Millions of Eels

notes: For some reason I had overlooked this collaboration that Bargeld and (Italian film soundtrack composer) Teardo had started back in 2009 with a piece called “Ingiuria” (Insult).
So I arrived at the concert completely unbiased.

No vocal acrobatics from Blixa this time (unlike his collaboration with Alva Noto), but rather straightforward singing in English, German and Italian. Some unexpected covers of pop songs too. Teho added electric guitar and lots of sounds from the laptop. Martina, the cellist completed the trio. Must say that I was suitable impressed by the performance, which covered the whole of their recent “Still Smiling” album.

As per usual, the sound at the club was superb. It’s not surprising that so many bands are issuing live recordings done at this venue. About 500 people attended.

recording equipment: Core Sound Binaurals >Battery Box >Edirol R-05
processing: r8Brain (96kHZ/24bit > 44,1kHz/16bit) >Cool Edit Pro (some edits) >CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splitting) >TLH 2.4.1 (flac - level 8 / torrent creation)