Folksinger's Choice
March 11, 1962
Cynthia Gooding Radio Show
Manufacturer / Catalog No. Yellow Dog 017
Released: 1992
Quality: 10 stars

1. Lonesome Whistle Blues
2. Conversation
3. Fixin' To Die
4. Conversation
5. Smokestack Lightning
6. Conversation
7. Hard Travelin'
8. Conversation
9. Death Of Emmett Till
10. Conversation
11. Standing On The Highway
12. Conversation
13. Roll On John (Misidentified as "Long John")
14. Conversation
15. Stealin'
16. Conversation
17. Long Time Man Feel Bad
18. Conversation
19. Baby Please Don't Go
20. Conversation
21. Hard Times In New York


This is a true not-to-be-missed gem. It belongs in every Bob Dylan fan's collection. The date
shown is from the back cover, though this is most likely a re-broadcast date. The actual radio
show could have been as early as February. History is a bit fuzzy here. This long lost radio show
is in perfect quality. It is complete with wonderful live-on-the-spot renditions of the above
traditional and Dylan songs, as well as fascinating conversation with a young, as yet
undiscovered talent. Bob relates, hilariously, the eponymous title of his soon to be released
first LP, and so much more. There is conversation in-between each song that is priceless. All in
all, one of the best boots ever to emerge.